Psychology 205: Research Methods in Psychology
Fall, 2015

205, Fall, 2015 Outline
Version of 11/10/15
Remember to check for revisions!
Supplementary Studies or activities
Readings to be done before class
Week 1

Sept 21
Introduction and Overview
Statistical and Experimental Inference
A study on memory: data collection

Sept 23
Reasoning in Research
Review of statistical concepts
Basic stats on our data
the basic t.test
A classic example of experimental reasoning
Madsen and McGaugh (1961)
review statistics from 201
Leary: Chapter 1, 2
Week 2
Sept 28 Examples of experimental reasoning
Research design as solving a puzzle
Embracing the power of randomness
A short introduction to R
Descriptive statistics using R
Leary Chapter 3
Roediger and McDermott (1995) (html) or
Roediger and McDermott (1995)

Turn in stats quiz
Solving the homework by using R for statistics
Sept 30 Review of statistics and of the homework Optional readings for your enjoyment
simulating distributions
Why you should not use Excel for statistics (Simonof) or
how to fight spreadsheet addiction (Burns)
stats home work solutions Another approach.
Week 3
Oct 5 Variables in Experimentation
Overview of designs
Within Subject designs

Between subject designs
Modality effects on false memory results
and the most recent results
Are subjects WEIRD (optional)
October 7 Variables in Experimentation
Within Subject designs
Experimental Control and
Between subject designs
Estimating the central tendency/dispersion
Analysis of Variance
APA Manual of Style
see also the APA style FAQ
as well as the APA tutorial of the basics of APA style
Web based style guides by Dewey or by Plonsky as well as the U.W. writing center's guide
Week 4
October 12 Writing a research paper
The use of ANOVA and Linear Regression in interaction designs
Recent RM results
Bem (2003), Writing the empirical journal article
using LaTeX to format an APA style paper
Three output styles: journal, document, manuscript
But one tex file (with an accompanying boxplot and another graphic file as pdfs and an example bib file embedded in the text document.)
Remember the instructions for writing a research paper
Leary Chapter 4, 15
Using Endnote for references
or using BibTex for references
October 14 Mid Term 1 Sample test from 2002
Another sample test with key from 2010
Midterm 1 from 2014 questions and answers
Leary Chapter 11
Week 5

October 19
Artifacts in Experimentation Theory Testing materials used in R & M study (For your paper)
R & M results and analysis
Possible figures to include in your paper may be taken from the results handout.
Leary Chapter , 10
Paper 1 is DUE!

Appointments for paper grading
October 21 Design in Experimentation
Measurement Issues
Correlational designs (reliability)
Correlation and Regression overview
Problems with inference
Week 6
October 26
Correlational designs (continued)
Interaction designs and analysis
subject variables
Anderson and Revelle, 1994 see also Revelle, (1993) which reviews Thayer's results and discusses performance arousal theories Experiment 2: simulation experiment The slides for Experiment 2.
A simulation experiment handout describing the experiment for Paper 2.
Block randomization using R
You get to choose what to do within the constraints of this web based experiment.
Oct 28 Correlation and Regression
Lorien Elleman's guest lecture

Revelle, Humphreys, Simon and Gilliland, 1980 (this gives some of the EPI items to measure impulsivity and
Revelle, Anderson, and Humphreys, 1987 (very large file)

Week 7
Nov 2
Background on arousal theories
A simulation experiment Revised
Observational versus randomized trials in field studies
experiments versus field studies: the example of health
Random assignment in field trials (Born et al., 2002)

Using statistics in psychological research
A short guide to R for 205 students
Long guide to R
Detailed handout on data analysis for experiment 2
An even simpler guide to R written by a 205 student
Nov 4 searching the literature
Exploratory and Confirmatory
data analysis
Pitfalls in scientific research
Searching the literature using Google Scholar or Psych Lit
The 2nd paper -- more detail
Shorter guide to R
An even simpler guide to R
Help on data analysis
Week 8
Nov 9
Methods in Differential Psychology
Methods in differential psychology Paper 2 is DUE!
Schedule appointments for grading
Nov 11 Ethics in Research

On Being a Scientist (NAS)
Ethical Standards of APA (2010)

Leary Chapters 14, 12, 13
Week 9
Nov 16
Midterm # 2 Study guide for Midterm 2
Example and answers for Midterm 2 (from 2010)

Nov 18
Alternatives to Experimentation
Advanced statistical procedures
Quasi-experimental designs and other kinds of designs Research Proposals for final project due
Week 10 Nov 23 Course Review Other topics Using Qualtrics to collect data
Novemeber 25 Oral reports on research proposals (Optional)
scoring scales using qualtrics

Week 11 November 30
Reading Week begins appointments for analysis help Analyze study 3
How to use R to score scales
Score scales (more detail)
Finals Week
December 7
Optional Final Exam
Monday, Dec 7 at 9 am
Paper due Friday Dec. 11th
course evaluation (CTEC) Paper 3 due (any time before Friday pm)
Optional Final Exam (9 am! Monday) Answers to midterm 2
The assigned readings are to be read before class so that class discussion can focus on the readings. They are available on the personality-project web server.
William Revelle
December 2, 2015.